Picture Frame Groupings

Frame groupings can be a little boring….which isn’t good! Check out all the different kinds of picture groupings you can do. And those are just the beginning. A fun modge-podge grouping of frames can really tell a story. Add different frames, textures, prints, colors and sizes to really make an impact. Depending on the type of display will make your spacing of the frames different. If you are making an asymmetrical and eclectic grouping you can make your spacing more random and small groupings can be made. If you want more of a gallery and symmetrical look spacing will be more exact. Once again it’s all going to depend on what you feel looks good and feels right.
Mix it up and try it over. Walk away for an hour or two and come back and try something different. You will come up with exactly what you want.

Picture Frame Groupings kindly donated by http://annbeckphotography.com/newblog/.

Watch how to change up your Frame Collage