Decorating Inspiration


We’ve all been there…either you have a million ideas or you’re drawing a blank. So where to begin if you are in either of these positions? Well lets start off with inspiration. Whether you have virtual inspiration boards, Pinterest, or you have physical items that you have collected but them all in one place.

Now you are on your way to becoming inspired by what you love. Next keep it organized. Easiest way to do this is by keeping them separated by room. Now that you have ideas coming in may we suggest sketching out your ideas or writing them all down. Then you can see what will work…and what won’t in this room. Remember decorating doesn’t seem fun if you are overwhelmed. So just focus on the basics for now. The little details can come later but be sure to add them to your inspiration board.


Another thing to do while working on your inspiration board is to add what types of elements you want to use in your project. Such as burlap, shiny, lots of greenery, light, fresh, etc. This will give you a sense of what type of style you are going for. Plus you will remember what is important to you in your inspiration. This will also help you when you start shopping for decor that you want to use in your space. You can look for those certain elements in frames, lamps, pots, etc.


Everyone has a different style and a unique way of decorating. And that style is ever evolving and changing. We believe that there is no right or wrong way of decorating. You get a feel for what you like and what looks good to you. So where to begin with color?  Well take a look at your inspiration board for starters but another great thing to take notice of is your every day surroundings. What do you like and not like? Do you love being outside around all the different greens and flowers? Or do you love the browns and neutrals of the desert or mountains? Perhaps you love how light it is at the library or how moody your local coffee shop feels. Take those feelings back to your home with you. How do you want your home to feel?

Color is the best way to get moods into a room. Take the inspirational board above…it is moody and comfortable. Maybe like a secluded aisle way bar or a quiet leather sofa where you read your favorite book. Get those images in your head and add them to your colors. Do you love airy and light rooms? Try crisp white or a shabby chic feeling. Remember color has lots of psychology behind it. So it does affect the way you feel in a room. Color has lots of rules that come along with it….but rules were made to be broken. That’s how beautiful things come to life.


Now that you have your inspiration, style, elements and colors figured out…time to go shopping!! Here’s a little secret about shopping…you can shop your house too. So if you have decor you already want to use in your project gather it together in one area and take inventory of what you have. Then write down what you need, whether it be a clock, a large wall metal piece, hooks, art. Get an idea of what you are looking for before you begin shopping or it will become overwhelming once your in the store. Decide where you want your focal point in the room and what you would like there. Would you like a large art piece or a shelf? Think of the amount of space you have on your wall. Will just one large piece work or will it look not in proportion to the space you have. If you have one large piece but it won’t be enough for your space, think about decorating around that focal point. 

Make sure that the decorations you use are substantial in size. Lots of little stuff will start to make your display look cluttered and your eyes won’t know where to rest. But don’t pull focus from the focal point with an object just as large…find a balance between the decor. Little items can be added later when adding the final details. So be sure to keep those finishing details in mind because they make a big difference.


Now that you have created your focal point, which we refer to sometimes as the “bones”, you get to now add detail. Detail, for this conversations sake, is the bigger items you add to the display. Such as lamps, clocks, books, etc. The other “stuff” will come later. So when adding detail remember that empty space is good. If you overfill it will be cluttered and you won’t be able to see every item. Your brain will be overfed and it will just look like a jumble. But don’t be afraid to add what you need…because empty spaces that need decor can throw off your entire display. Again it’s a kind of balancing act here. It’s what feels right to you. 


You have made it to the final step in your decorating project! This is where you get to add all the “fluff and stuff”. What we are referring to here is candles, ribbon, greenery, wicker balls, linen, etc. All the stuff that softens the look in your display and makes it come alive. When you have decor placed together in your display you can usually feel something is missing. Like it needs a little something. This is where greenery is your best friend. A little pick or a greenery ball can really pull the whole thing together. In the pictures above try picturing those displays without the decorative details. They would seem a bit blah and like it’s just stuff on a shelf. The fluff and stuff creates a welcoming and homey vibe…which most of us are trying to create. So now that you have that project done….time to start on the next one. Have fun!  

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