Rod Works is making everyone’s visions come to life with their tips on decorating your Christmas tree. These tips are not only easy, but they will make your tree the one to beat. It’ll be sure to stand out.

Tip 1: Use Picks: Picks bring so much character to those everyday boring branches, picks alone can set the tone for your tree. What’s better than a pick? Several picks. Layering them on top of each other gives you even more incredible fluff.

Tip 2: Ribbon and/or garland: You will need a lot of this. You don’t have to tie fancy bows, you can simply gather 3 or 4 folds, twist with wire, stick it in the tree and then drape its tails throughout the tree. You can also layer ribbon on ribbon for more color and texture options. Plus, layering a non-wired ribbon on a wired ribbon gives you better control.

Tip 3: Ornament Balls: Put ornament balls in groupings of 2 and 3 instead of hanging them individually (I do 3 small and medium balls and 2 for large ones). Grouping them together makes more of a statement and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether they are big or small you’ll actually notice them more in these groupings. You can use all the same color in each group or mix several colors in a group. Try it both ways to see which way you like better. It’s fun to attach ribbon to these ornament groupings and let those tails trail through the tree.


My name is Jeannie Puzey. I am fairly new to Rod Works, but not to design and home furnishings. I love to create the ambiance that makes an environment look pleasing and feel inviting. One of my favorite times to do this is for the Holidays…..which by the way, will be here before we know it!

As I have worked at the Springville store, I have heard many of our customers say that they are excited about the items they have purchased, and that their desire now is that they would love to have us come and help them arrange their items in their home.

As much as we would love to come decorate for them, it might be more practical if we could teach some basic concepts for decorating and tablescaping, that could help our customers accomplish amazing things in their own homes. Now is the best time, as the holidays are on their way and we want our homes to inspire our guests to say ‘WOW!’ and feel warm and welcomed.

So here we go! This blog will tell you how to create an interesting display for your holiday, or everyday, decor. YOU can set a mood and add more interest as you decorate your own environment.

Tablescaping 101

What is Tablescaping?
Tablescapes are creatively designed table arrangements, vignettes or centerpieces. They showcase or highlight a specific object or collection of treasured, or holiday items.

Furniture such as bookshelves, coffee tables, dining tables and shelves can be transformed into a unique tablescape to add interest to a room or set a mood for a particular event.

Thanksgiving and Christmas entertaining calls for decorating and tablescaping all over the house, especially in the living room and the dining room table.

tablescaping 101

Here are some steps to consider when creating your tablescape.

tablescape 2

Step #5 Mix it Up
Mix up your sizes, textures and finishes when collecting and arranging accessories. While the objects in tablescapes do not necessarily have to match perfectly, they should harmonize or complement each other. This helps to achieve balance.

In mixing up items for your tablescape, watch for contrast among the selected items, such as TEXTURES – rough and smooth, SIZE – large and small, or SHAPE – round and square. Be sure that each item selected relates to the other elements around it.

tablescape 4

Step #1 Theme
Start your tablescape with a concept or theme in mind. Themes can be based around a particular event, season, hobby or collection of your favorite items.

Once a theme has been chosen, items relating to the theme should be collected for assembly.

Step #2 Color
Consider a color that will complement your theme. A key to making an assortment of accessories work together is color. A color scheme ties the entire grouping together.

Step #3 Levels and Layers
One of the easiest methods for assembling tablescapes is to think in terms of levels. The most important level is that of the tabletop itself. The other levels include the spaces both above and below the table.
I like to vary the heights so that each object is just a little bit shorter than the next tallest item. Alternate your pieces and sizes to help create a depth and use various textures and heights to add further dimension. Make sure objects are not too small. Choose at least one bolder item to be the focus. Use books or pedestals to elevate items that seem too short.

Step #4 Balance
Skillfully arranged tablescapes can create a huge impact in a room. This is why balance and harmony are so important. When you include similar or repetitive items in all of your levels, it will help pull everything together.

tablescape 3

Step #6 Create Groupings
Within your tablescape, consider creating groupings on either end or through out the arrangement. This step will create a maximum impact and a pleasing flow of accessories. Remember to consider the wall accessories as part of the grouping.

Good items to have for tablescapes are books, decorative plates displayed on stands, bowls filled with fruit or other decorative items, vases, flowers, candles, decorative orbs, and other home decor accessories. Use items that really mean something to you – accessories should reveal something about your personality. Accessories, such as small votive candles, can enhance the tablescape’s overall ambiance.

Good Luck on your tablescaping adventures! It will be fun and exciting to see that YOU can display your decor in your home, in a stunning way that will please you and your guests.

tablescape 5

The last thing is to remember, that to achieve an attractive tablescape, don’t stop re-arranging items until you are happy with the result. Don’t expect to get it right the first time. It can take a bit of living with an arrangement and adjusting things every once in a while before you have a look you like.


Rod Works Springville, Utah

tablescape 6

For every season there’s a wreath, or so that’s what Rod Works thinks

If Rod Works can claim to be an expert at anything, it is definitely wreaths and all the fun ways to display them.

If you love wreaths like we do, you probably like to change them for every holiday. Alexis Crockett is here to share how wreaths are the best way to start decorating this season.

Nothing adds a warmer welcome than a wreath on your front door. If you’re trying to bring a fun and festive look inside then wreaths can set the character in any room.

Wreaths can be as glamorous or as simple as the houses they live in, and changing up their look is easy when you let Rod Works show you how.

Rod Works has tons of amazing wreaths for all seasons but don’t wait because all these choices will run out fast.



Looking for the perfect decorations? With Halloween creeping up Rod Works can’t wait to help you get your spook on. It’s time to add the scary details to your Halloween decor so let Rod Works be your first stop.

Whether you want a fun Halloween or a frightening Halloween they have what you need.

We love when the air gets a little cooler and the leaves begin to change. What better way to celebrate the changing of the season then to bring that change into your home?

Time to pull out the cozy blankets, fall colored wreaths and yummy candles. Alexis Crockett is here to show us how easy it is to make this fall your coziest yet! She’s got some great tips and and a look at what’s hot for this fall season. Don’t miss Rod Works Halloween open house this weekend to help get you started.


It’s that time of year again when the weather starts to cool down and the leaves start to change into beautiful colors. Well lots of beautiful things have started to fall into Rod Works to make your home warm and cozy for the autumn season.

Come and see our beautiful fall wreaths, sunflowers and vases. It’s easy to add the beautiful rich colors that everyone loves about fall into your home.

fall wreath

We have acorns and scarecrows and pumpkins of all kinds! There are cornucopias and gourds to welcome fall into your home! Pumpkins and gourds make awesome tray or container fillers. Add them with twig or rope balls and you get wonderful fall style with a little bit of your home decor.

sparkly pumpkins
burlap pumpkins

Come and find your new favorite signs and blocks for this fun filled season. Whether you want a more traditional fall look or a simplistic approach you can achieve it with Rod Works. Step into fall and let us help you decorate for this beautiful season.


Rod Works Springville, Utah