Making a fresh and cozy outdoor space is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Alexis Crockett is here to show us how easy it can be to add another room to your home, only this special room comes with a view of the stars.

Outdoor spaces are no different than your indoor spaces when it comes to decorating…and applying these 3 tips will get you off to a great start.
Start with great linens as your base for the style and feeling you want.
Pillows and cushions not only soften your space but are the best way to add character. Whether it’s bright colors or neutrals, picking fun fabrics are a great starting point to any room.
We bring the outdoors in when we want to breath life into a space, but the same applies to your outdoor space. The more you bring home items and accessories outside the more your outdoor space will feel like another room in your home.
Don’t forget the greenery! yes you have grass and bushes, and maybe flowers in the yard, but your table tops and patios need some green love. Flowers, plants and succulents give a cheerful touch to your seating areas and add much needed softness to those hard surface areas.
We wait all winter to play outside so make your outdoor space an inviting and comfortable playground under the stars.


What’s hot right now besides the weather? Glass!
Add a piece of glass to all of your displays. Along with your other items, such as greenery, different colors, and such… glass will add another texture, not to mention that it will catch the light and give your display a sparkle.


You can fill glass jars with balls, or other items… maybe add some ribbon to soften the look. But really there is no need if you choose not to. A piece of glass can speak for itself.
Happy Decorating!

Rod Works Springville, Utah

Rod Works lays it all out…on a terrific tray of course!

Trays are the most versatile pieces in your home.

Alexis Crockett is here to show how this simple little addition to your decor will be one of the best pieces you ever purchase. Not sure if you have a spot for a tray? Rod Works begs to differ! Every room in your home can hold a tray and here are some ideas to get you started.

Living room: coffee table tray with fun books, some greenery and a fun treasure or two. Make movie night easier too and use that tray to serve popcorn and drinks.

Dinning room: kitchen tables are fun places to decorate until you have to take everything away for dinner time. Add a tray and you can easily remove that beautiful decor in a flash.

Bathroom: your bathroom counter top is so much easier to clean off when your items are on a tray, just pick it up and bleach your counter.

Outdoor: Having a tray for your outdoor table makes bringing food and drinks out so much more efficient and clean up after a BBQ is a snap.

Trays are a big winner because they can be beautiful and useful. 

With Rod Works it’s all Black and White!

One of today’s hottest trends is using black and white as the neutral in a room. Rod Works shows us how adding this new trend to your home is fun and easy. Black and White is fresh and clean and it’s so easy to add any color to it for a change of season or mood.

Don’t worry if you already have color in your home. Start small with a clock or a small sign. After you add some small pieces start adding bigger things like a side table or paint.

Once you’ve established your black and white you can choose one color or a season to highlight. Rod works says they love greenery in spring and summer, just adding green is so simple and easy. Adding a fun holiday color is super easy too, and so much more affordable.

Alexis Crockett from Rod Works said, “I’ve also been traveling a ton this last month and seeing all the amazing ideas that are out there…one of my stops this last week was to Magnolia Market in Waco Texas! Such a fun little shop it made me super homesick for Rod Works, we are so lucky to have all these fun stores to shop and sweet girls to help you with whatever your decor or gift giving needs are.”.

Rod Works loves MOM and with Mother’s day right around the corner!
What better way to celebrate her special day then with fun gifts from her favorite shop!
Rod Works has gifts for every style of mom.
Not sure what she would like? Rod Works gift cards are a great idea!
Hurry in for the best selection of gift items and let them help you pick that gift she won’t forget.

We LOVE clocks! Big ones,little ones…. Black and white ones.  We can’t get enough! 
Already have a clock on your wall? Add one (or two) to a shelf, and entry table, even in your kitchen. Put one in the bathroom (everyone needs to know what time it is while getting ready in the morning). <br> Clocks can be used more for decoration then for there functionality. You can have one clock working in the room and use a few others just for decor.

There are NO RULES!  If there were…. we’d break them!  So go clock crazy,  I already have!  

~Ashley & Dani
Rod Works Sandy, Utah & Springville, Utah