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Things are lighting up at Rod Works!

Jordan Robinson and Natashia Mclean are here from Rod Works to show you just how to add that special touch of light within your homes.

Whether it’s your kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, or entry way, there are many ways to achieving light fixture greatness! The first question we get from customers in the store is “is this fixture to industrial for my home?”, the answer is no! Regardless of the style of home you live in these fixtures are sure to look fabulous no matter what your taste in décor is. You can make them look classy and elegant, industrial and masculine, or totally cute farm house chic!

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Blogger Tip of the Month


Every month we will be sharing a decor tip from one of our favorite bloggers.
This months tip comes from blogger Sarah Tyau who shares her life as a mother and seamstress on
Our Life is Beautiful
Her tip this month is a simple party tip. Add floral hanging garlands to trees, fences, arches, or ceilings. They’re easy to hang and add the perfect touch to any party. 
Pick up your floral hanging garlands at any of our locations for your upcoming party, wedding, or birthday.
flowers in hand
sarah with flowers on shoulder

Online Store

It’s time to close one door and open another.
We have closed our online store to better focus our time and energy on our retail locations.

We are excited to bring you fresh ideas, fun tips, and amazing pictures that will inspire you to create your dream home. Be sure to check back regularly for the newest trends and styles.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but we hope you will enjoy our new direction.

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