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Clean crisp whites and Rustic home dรฉcor is the current trend and it has come flooding into Rod Works. We are excited to share just a few of our favorite things that go along with this particular style and Jordan Robinson is here to show you what each store loves and cannot seem to get enough of.

Our Springville store is loving the new clocks we have been getting. They are so handy for a side table, dining room table, or for any spot where both sides are seen. The backs of these clocks are what make them so special, and have made them a must have in everyoneโ€™s home.

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Blogger Tip of the Month


Every month we will be sharing a decor tip from one of our favorite bloggers.

Our tip this month comes from @modestgoddess_ :
Paint basements and rooms with a little light and simple white color. Then use light colored accessories. This combination will make any space light and bright.
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It’s time to close one door and open another.
We have closed our online store to better focus our time and energy on our retail locations.

We are excited to bring you fresh ideas, fun tips, and amazing pictures that will inspire you to create your dream home. Be sure to check back regularly for the newest trends and styles.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but we hope you will enjoy our new direction.

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